Furukawa company Group's Businesses

Going into the next stage supported by over 130 years of monozukuri tradition. Let us introduce the diversified businesses of the Furukawa Company Group.

Since the company’s foundation in 1875 when we originated in copper mine development, we have expanded with a variety of businesses in order to continually meet the demand of the times,. Currently, the Group has segments of Machinery, Metals, Electronic Materials and Chemicals, Real Estate and Others, and each segment is exercising strengths as the Furukawa Company Group companies complement each other.

Furukawa Company Group's

Industrial Machinery

Supported by machinery technologies developed at copper mines, we have established a strong position as a manufacturer specialized in industrial machinery.

Rock Drill Machinery

Construction and mining machinery products of Furukawa - a comprehensive rock drill manufacturer, are developing the land and supporting infrastructure construction and resource development in Japan and overseas.

UNIC Machinery

Synonymous for truck-mounted cranes, UNIC.
UNIC cranes are contributing improved efficiency and labor saving in logistics with their excellent functionality, operability and safety.


The metals business originated at the time of Furukawa’s foundation.
We are making every effort to stably supply ‘copper’, a material indispensable for society’s infrastructure.

Electronic Materials

We support cutting-edge IT and electronics technologies through the provision of our high-purity and high-quality key materials.


We provide high-quality chemicals as well as focusing on new businesses to reduce environmental burdens.

Real Estate

We propose and create comfortable office environments for today’s business people.

Other Businesses

We distribute newly developed products, provide transportation services and more.

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