Technology cultivated through the development of mines

The strength of the Furukawa Company Group lies in our technological prowess, which has, in a variety of ways, evolved the technologies which have been cultivated throughout our development of mines in response to the needs of the times.

Mining technology is not only about mining ore and extracting copper. It may be no exaggeration to say that it is the essence of technologies from all the industrial fields, from ore transportation, slurry transportation, water treatment and by-product treatment to construction of power plants which supply power required for these activities.
These technologies were utilized for the installation of tracks, cableways and conveyers for the transportation of ore, the construction of Japan's first hydroelectric power plant, for the electrification of underground and surface mines and the introduction of pneumatic and electric rock drills and Western smelting technology.
Some time later, Furukawa began imported machinery maintenance, component manufacturing, and machinery production. This is the root history of the Furukawa Company Group a manufacturer of products and developer of technologies with large shares in the global markets of rock drills for mines, pumps for slurry transportation, ore crushing machinery, water treatment technology and exhaust gas treatment technology, as well as the production of rare metals and concentrated sulphuric acid, which are by-products of copper, among other things.

History of Furukawa's cutting-edge technology


Machinery products that are essential for the development of social infrastructure

Our machinery business products are actively used in the field of social infrastructure development. The Furukawa Company Group's strength lies in its products, which boast high market shares in areas such as tunnel construction sites, concrete material mining sites, and civil engineering and construction.

Tunnel construction

In construction in which tunnels are excavated to build roads and railways, blasting excavation is used for mountain tunnels in hard rock and Tunnel Drill Jumbos are used at these sites.
The Tunnel Drill Jumbo is a machine that drills holes to set blasting powder in rock and has been used in Japan in, for example, the Seikan, Hakkoda and Kan-etsu tunnels in the past. It is currently being used at many sites including reconstruction roads in the Tohoku region and on 5 different Shinkansen lines.
The shield method is used in underground tunnels and requires shield pumps that move excavated earth out with water and belt conveyors that are labour-saving and environmentally-friendly.

Tunnel Drill Jumbos

Shield Construction Slurry Pumps

Belt conveyors


Demand for concrete, which is indispensable to all kinds of structures such as buildings and roads, is increasing as progress is made with developing infrastructure and we expect continued strong demand for crushed stone which is a raw material for aggregates used in concrete and limestone used in cement.
In order to mine these materials, hydraulic crawler drills are used to drill holes in rocks for setting blasting powder and hydraulic breakers are utilized to break up large rocks that result from the blasts. In addition, both our crushers such as jaw and cone crushers and our screens that sort rocks by size are used at plants where excavated rock is crushed.

Hydraulic crawler drills

Hydraulic breakers


Civil engineering and construction sites

We expect to see a real increase in civil engineering and construction sites in the future as infrastructure development progresses. It is UNIC cranes that are used at these kinds of sites to transport, load and unload and install materials and they are popular due to their high level of efficiency and convenience because one crane can perform several roles. In addition, the compact mini crawler crane with superior operability can be used in tight spaces and indoor worksites where trucks cannot enter.
Further, excavators fitted with our hydraulic breakers are used at demolition sites for buildings and so on.

Mini-crawler cranes

UNIC Cranes

Hydraulic Crushers


Our commitment to marketing-based management and manufacturing

At the Furukawa Company Group, we are strengthening our efforts to implement marketing-based management which incorporates CSV perspectives. Please refer to the TOPICS section for examples of efforts we are undertaking, information on our commitment to manufacturing, our strengths, and other information.