Furukawa Company Group at a Glance Furukawa Company Group at a Glance

The Furukawa Company Group provides a variety of products,
technologies, and services in order continue being
a company needed by society.
Here is an easy-to-understand introduction to
our history and strengths.

At the Furukawa Company Group, we are dedicated to contributing to the daily lives of people supporting social infrastructure with our machinery and materials.

148th Anniv.
Number of Employees
(as of 31st March, 2023)

The History of Furukawa Co., Ltd.

Meiji Era1868~1912

The Ashio Copper Mine is where a collection of the most advanced technologies of the time was established.

Everything began with the mines.

The history of Furukawa Co., Ltd. dates back to 1875 when the founder, ichibee Furukawa began the copper mine operation. From around 1900, our business began centering on the copper mine operation. We worked to innovate technologies with mining machines, such as imported rock drills, and owing to these technologies, the Ashio Copper Mine leaped ahead by producing the largest amount of copper in Japan.

Taisho Era1912~1926

Made the first rock drill in Japan.

Expansion of the management of mines and development of efforts in various fields.

At Furukawa Co., Ltd., applying the technologies cultivated through the maintenance of imported rock drills, we developed the first domestic hand-held rock drill. This was the start of our rock drill business. During the same period, we began developing pumps for slurry transportation at copper mines and coal pits.
In 1918, the predecessor of the current Furukawa Company Group, Furukawa Mining Co., Ltd. was established and the technologies and products developed at the Ashio Copper Mine were applied in a wide range of fields by Furukawa Mining Co., Ltd.

Showa Era1926~1989

Tunnel drill jumbos are found in active use all over Japan.

Contributed to the post-war rebuilding of Japan and the growth of the Japanese economy through the development of infrastructure for the nation.

Japan advanced towards the war between other countries and during the war, everyone in Japan had to cooperate in the war effort. To meet this demand, we reorganized the businesses and invested further into equipment and facilities by increasing capital.
After the war, we continued our path of development alongside the recovery of the Japanese economy and focused our energy on growing fields like machinery and electronics.

Heisei Era1989~2019

Furukawa products are actively used in Japan and abroad.

Starting our journey as the Furukawa Company Group and aiming for even greater corporate value.

In 1989, we changed the company name from Furukawa Mining Co., Ltd. to Furukawa Co., Ltd. and made a fresh start.
We restructured the organization through the selection and concentration of the businesses and accelerated global expansion of the Machinery Segment.
In 2005, we spun off businesses and adopted a Group management system, and began as the Furukawa Company Group.

Reiwa Era2019~

Belt conveyors which contribute to the resolving of social issues

Aiming to becoming a company that continually transform to embody our Management Philosophy.

In 2020, we were greatly affected by the global pandemic of COVID-19.
At the Furukawa Company Group, we will continue contributing to the creation of social value in the form of social infrastructure development and the bringing to fruition of a safe and environmentally friendly society, while we will go about generating corporate value by providing infrastructure, products, technologies, services, and other elements serving to aid in the solving of social issues."

Furukawa Company Group in Our Everyday Life

A close look at everyday life reveals that our products and technologies are used to a surprising degree in familiar places, including within industrial infrastructure, urban infrastructure, and electronic equipment.

Market Shares of the Group's Products

Products of the Furukawa Company Group have large shares in the markets.

Sewage Pumps for sewage treatment

Japanese Market Share 60%

Tunnel drill jumbos

Japanese Market Share 80%

UNIC cranes

Japanese Market Share 50%

High-purity metallic arsenic

Japanese Market Share 90%

Cuprous oxide

Japanese Market Share 45%

Furukawa Company Group Strengths

Our strengths lie in our technology when it comes to the development of mines, our machine products, which are essential for the development of social infrastructure, and our commitment when it comes to both marketing-based management and manufacturing.


Technology cultivated through the development of mines


Machinery products that are
essential for the development of
social infrastructure


Our commitment to marketing-based management and manufacturing

Let us introduce the history of Furukawa Co., Ltd.
which has been developed along with the history of Japan.