Risk Management

Framework for Promoting Enterprise Risk Management System

The Furukawa Company Group will strengthen and expand the enterprise risk management system in order to improve the management foundation with a view to growth. The Group will also take steps to improve corporate value by business operation practices that show consideration for the Group's CSR and ESG issues.
The Risk Management Committee established at Furukawa Co., Ltd. is held twice a year in principle and chaired by the Company's Director in charge of Sustainability, with the Sustainability Promotion Department serving as the secretariat.
When risks emerge that appear capable of interfering with the Group's business activities, the Committee takes measures to protect life and property and to minimize its damage and losses. The Committee evaluates risks in every Group company and department and conducts examination and evaluation of measures to address risks. As a result, when a risk is judged to pose a danger of seriously affecting Group management, the Committee promotes effective management of that risk by reporting its evaluation results and the pros and cons of response measures to the Board of Directors. The Committee also has the Human Rights Risk Sectional Meeting, Environmental Risk Sectional Meeting, and Group BCP Sectional Meeting under it. These meetings address issues relating to human rights, issues relating to carbon neutrality and other matters concerning climate change, and issues relating to business continuity when crises occur, and take measures to resolve them, respectively.

Risk Management Framework Chart

Business Continuity Plans (BCP) / Business Continuity Management (BCM)

Potential Risks of the Group in Natural Disasters

The potential risks of natural disasters faced by primary business sites are brought to light and a BCP is formulated for those that present high risk of an impact on business.

● Natural disaster risks by site
  Head office Oyama Tochigi Works Takasaki Yoshii Works Sakura Works Osaka Works Iwaki Works
Floods × ×
Landslides × × × × ×
Tsunami × × × × ×
Degree of potential risk: ◎High ○Medium △Low ×Significantly low

BCP Operation

In order to enable prompt confirmation of the safety of officers and employees and the damage status of every site when emergencies occur, we conduct periodic personnel safety confirmation training using the personnel safety confirmation system and disaster reporting training using transceivers placed at primary business sites for use in emergencies. We also carry out reviews of the content and management methods of stockpiled food, beverages, and other supplies.

BCM Operation

Going forward, we will concentrate on BCM operation and on confirming and reviewing Group companies' BCPs, centering this work mainly within the Group BCP Sectional Meeting.