Supplier Relations

Basic Approach

The Basic Procurement Policies of the Furukawa Company Group have the four pillars of the principles of fairness and impartiality, mutual prosperity, compliance and confidentiality, and promotion of procurement activities that are considerate of CSR. In accordance with these policies, and on the assumption of cooperative relationships with suppliers, CSR Promotion Guidelines have been formulated that call for respect for human rights and the environment.
In addition, the Group is making efforts to procure copper ore from mines outside Japan in ways that consider the environmental impacts, labor problems, and other issues.

Material Procurement

Furukawa Company Group Basic Procurement Policies

1. Principles of fairness and impartiality

  • The Group aims to conduct fair and impartial procurement activities in Japan and overseas irrespective of management scale.
  • The Group bases selection of suppliers on overall economic rationale, including factors such as price, quality, performance, delivery speed, stable procurement, and consideration for the environment.

2. Mutual prosperity

  • The Group aims to create relationships that result in coexistence and mutual prosperity by treating suppliers as equal partners.

3. Compliance and confidentiality

  • The Group complies with relevant laws and conducts sensible transactions when conducting purchasing activities.
  • The Group does not disclose confidential information obtained through transactions to third parties without consent.

4. Promotion of procurement activities that are conscious of CSR

  • The Group promotes procurement activities that are conscious of CSR.
  • *In principle, the Group engages in direct transactions with manufacturers.
    However, if a manufacturer does not, in principle, conduct direct transactions, or if a distributor (an agent) is able to provide more favorable conditions than buying directly from the manufacturer, transactions may be conducted with a distributor (an agent). Such instances are limited to primary distributors (agents) that are able to conduct direct transactions with the manufacturer.