In the metals segment, which was the business that started Furukawa, we are focusing on the stable supply of copper, which is essential for social infrastructure.

  • Electrolytic copper is produced through entrusted smelting.
  • The production volume of electrolytic copper is around 46,000 tons each year.

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Electrolytic copper

Since electrolytic copper is superior in electric conductivity and workability, it is used in a wide range of electrical wires and wrought copper and copper alloys.

Electrolytic copper

Gold , Silver

We sell the gold and silver contained in copper ore. We separate out and recover the gold and silver contained in the copper ore during the smelting process, convert it into products in a precious metal factory and then sell it.



Sulfuric Acid

Sulfuric acid is used as an indispensable basic material in each sector of the chemical industry. The metals segment recovers the sulfurous acid gas generated in the copper ore smelting process and produces sulfuric acid.

Manufacturing plant of Sulfuric Acid


Furukawa Metals & Resources Co., Ltd.

The metals segment originated at the time of the Furukawa Company Group’s foundation, dating back to when it started operations at the Kusakura Copper Mine (Niigata Prefecture) in 1875 and the Ashio Copper Mine (Tochigi Prefecture) in 1877. Among the various cutting-edge technologies developed at the Ashio Copper Mine, Furukawa/Outokumpu flash smelting is highly acclaimed as a leading technology across the world. This low-cost, low-pollution technology was developed into a commercial technology in 1962 and has been widely adopted in smelters in Japan as well as abroad.
We currently procure copper concentrate, our main raw material, from overseas and entrust the copper smelting process to Hibi Kyodo Smelting Co., Ltd. (Okayama Prefecture). In 2023, we terminated our entrusted copper smelting agreement with Onahama Smelting and Refining Co., Ltd. (Fukushima Prefecture), one of the smelting companies in which we have invested, and reduced copper production accordingly. This has resulted in a significant decline in our exports that were unprofitable.

Hibi Kyodo Smelting Co., Ltd. (Okayama Prefecture)

Affiliated companies

Oita Mining Co., Ltd.

Oita Mining

Established in 1954. Specializing in the mining and distributing limestone in Tsukumi City in Oita Prefecture.

Inquiries about Metals

Inquiries about Metals

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Electrolytic copper / Gold / Silver / Sulfuric acid