Market Shares of the Group's Products

Products of the Furukawa Company Group have large shares.

Industrial Machinery

Sewage Pumps for sewage treatment
Japanese Market Share 60%

These pumps are used to transport sewage and sludge at a number of sewage treatment, human waste treatment and water filtration plants of municipalities across Japan, supporting the lives behind the scenes.

Slurry Pumps
Japanese Market Share 40%

These are centrifugal pumps designed to effectively transport liquid with solids (slurry) and are highly appreciated for their outstanding durability and high operability. We have delivered our products to customers in a wide range of fields from public organizations to private companies and they are used for slurry transportation at various types of plants, underground tunnel construction sites and others.

Japanese Market Share 15%

There are different types of crushers for different object sizes, for example primary, secondary and tertiary crushers and we have all of these types available. Also, we developed and manufactured the Japan's first jaw crusher for primary crushing and cone crusher for secondary crushing.

Rock Drill Machinery

Hydraulic breakers
Japanese Market Share 40%

A hydraulic breaker is usually fitted to excavators for demolishing rocks, concrete structures and so forth. We contribute to infrastructure development, such as civil engineering work and construction sites worldwide.

Hydraulic crawler drills
Japanese Market Share 65%

A hydraulic crawler drill with a hydraulic rock drill (drifter) fitted to it is a self-propelled machine for making downward holes in rocks for setting blasting powder. They are used at limestone mines, quarries and civil engineering work sites.

Tunnel drill jumbos
Japanese Market Share 80%

A tunnel drill jumbo with a hydraulic rock drill (drifter) fitted to it is a self-propelled machine for making horizontal holes in rocks for setting blasting powder. They are mainly used at mine development and mountain tunnel construction sites. They have a 80% share in the Japanese market and have been used at a number of express way and rail tunnel construction sites in the mountains in Japan.

UNIC Machinery

UNIC cranes
(Truck-mounted UNIC Cranes)
Japanese Market Share 50%

The UNIC Crane is a truck-mounted crane setup between the driver's seat and the loading platform of a truck, thus offering the features of both truck and crane. These energy-saving machines can perform all the cargo-handling processes; from hoisting and loading, to transporting and set construction. The product name UNIC* has become so well-known that it is a synonym for truck-mounted cranes in Japan and they hold a 50% share in the Japanese market.

UNIC Carriers
Japanese Market Share 50%

The UNIC Carriers transport cars in such instances of delivery of new cars, and movement of cars in need of repair or totally wrecked in accidents. We have various models available for different applications such as the model in which its loading platform can slide or a model for carrying two cars. We currently hold a 50% share in the Japanese market.

Mini-crawler cranes
Japanese Market Share 40%

The compact mini crawler crane can operate in a construction site, on rough ground or inside an indoor worksite where trucks cannot enter. We currently hold a 40% share in the Japanese market.


High-purity metallic arsenic
Japanese Market Share 90%
Globl Market Share 60%

High-purity metallic arsenic is used to make gallium arsenide semiconductors used in electronic devices in smartphone and tablet etc. We have become capable of producing metallic arsenic with the highest purity in the world - 99.999995% (7N5). Currently, we are the only high-purity metallic arsenic manufacturer in Japan and have a 60% share in the global market.


Cuprous oxide
Japanese Market Share 45%

Cuprous oxide is a red pigment used as antifoulant for ship-bottom paints. Recently, we developed cuprous oxide suitable for organotin-free ship-bottom paints to prevent marine pollution. We have a 45% share (production volume) in the domestic market.