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  • We own the Muromachi Furukawa Mitsui Building (commercial facility name: COREDO Muromachi 2), which has offices, retail facilities, and a movie theater.

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Muromachi Furukawa Mitsui Building

The Muromachi Furukawa Mitsui Building (COREDO Muromachi 2), which includes offices, retail facilities, and a movie theater, was completed in 2014 as a major office building. It contributes to the strengthening of our earnings base as a new pillar of our Real Estate.

Muromachi Furukawa Mitsui Building

Real Estate , Other Businesses

Furukawa CO., LTD.

The Real Estate Business of the Furukawa Company Group is run by the operating holding company, Furukawa Co., Ltd. In 1957, we launched the real estate business by setting up Furukawa Real Estate Co., Ltd., which merged with Furukawa Co., Ltd. in 2003.
Currently, services include lease of company-owned buildings in Tokyo, Osaka as well as a real estate agency. In 2014, the Muromachi Furukawa Mitsui Building (commercial complex name: COREDO Muromachi 2) was completed and it is contributing to the reinforcement of our revenue bases as a new cornerstone of our Real Estate Business.
Other businesses include Furukawa Unyu Co., Ltd., which is an affiliate in the transportation business, and Yamaishi Metal Co., Ltd., which is an affiliate in the metal powder manufacturing and sales business, which is an affiliate in the heat- and heat- and abrasion-resistant castings manufacturing and sales business.


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Muromachi Furukawa Mitsui Building(commercial name: COREDO Muromachi 2)

The "Muromachi Furukawa Mitsui Building" was completed in February 2014 and has 22 floors above ground and 4 floors below ground. It consists of three layers, containing retail facilities (floors B1 to 6F), offices (floors 7F to 17F), and rental housing (floors 18F to 21F). The retail facility features stores that give a sense of "Japanese tradition," including new types of stores established by long-established stores, but also includes Nihonbashi's first cinema complex, making it a facility that is also approachable for young people. The office area has variations in the shape and size of the floors, allowing it to meet the needs of tenants. The size of the rooms is around 557 tsubo (about 1841 m2) per floor and the ceiling height is 3 m, making it a large office space for the Nihonbashi area.
The "roads" of the building have been given a characteristic design as the exterior has been designed to be in harmony with the surrounding historical buildings and the inner walkways are lined with long-established stores that use traditional entranceway curtains and oriental lamps as motifs.

Muromachi Furukawa Mitsui Building(commercial name: COREDO Muromachi 2)
Map of Muromachi Furukawa Mitsui Building(commercial name: COREDO Muromachi 2)
Bronze statue of our company's founder, Ichibei Furukawa.

On the north side of the Muromachi Furukawa Mitsui Building street, there is a bronze statue of our company founder Ichibei Furukawa. The Nihonbashi-Muromachi area is the so-called birthplace of our company, as it is where Ichibei Furukawa opened his head office in 1877, and it was the base for the company until it was relocated to Marunouchi in 1897. After the head office relocation, it became a private residence, but when Furukawa Bank was established in 1917, the location became the head office of the bank. Since that time, the former Furukawa Building was constructed in 1959, and the new building was created by the latest redevelopment plan.

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