In addition to complying with laws and regulations, the Group believes it has a corporate obligation to take serious and responsible action in terms of social and ethical aspects. To fulfill this obligation, the Group established the Furukawa Company Group's Charter of Corporate Conduct and the Furukawa Company Group's Code of Conduct for Officers and Employees, and the Group is taking steps to foster comprehensive awareness to enable all Group officers and employees to engage in operations in awareness of the importance of compliance.

Compliance Framework

The Group's chief executive for compliance is the Company's President. Personnel responsible for compliance are also present in every company department and in the Group companies as well. There is also a Compliance Committee that promotes Group compliance activities, deliberating on important matters relating to compliance, developing the compliance framework, and taking steps to strengthen awareness. Content deliberated in the Committee is additionally reported to the Sustainability Promotion Meeting as required, and steps are taken to share information related to compliance with the Group as a whole.

Compliance Education

The Group is engaged in fostering a corporate climate that places value on compliance. This includes publication of the Compliance News as provision of information regarding compliance to all Group officers and employees. On occasion, top management also explains the importance of compliance and the priority assigned to it.
In light of the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, trainings on specific topics were recently conducted using online systems such as web conferencing systems and video streaming.

Internal Reporting System

The Group has adopted an internal reporting system to facilitate early detection and correction of compliance violations. This has involved developing a framework that enables an extensive range of reporting and consultation requests by establishing the Internal Reporting Desk inside and outside (law office) the Group. When reports and requests for consultation are received, the Compliance Committee investigates and takes measures as necessary. Personal information about whistleblowers who make reports and information that may lead to identification of whistleblowers who make reports are held under strict control at the Internal Reporting Desk. In addition, it is forbidden for Group officers and employees to seek out whistleblowers or, taking the fact of having made an internal report as the reason, to treat the whistleblowers in a disadvantageous manner.
The Group also facilitates awareness of the internal reporting system by posting such content to its in-house portal site and distributing brochures to its officers and employees.

Basic Policy and Basic Guidelines for Preventing Bribery and Corruption

The Group reported to the Board of Directors and enacted the Basic Policy for Preventing Bribery and Corruption and the Basic Guidelines for Preventing Bribery and Corruption in January 2021. This explicitly stated externally the Group's stance regarding prevention of bribery and corruption. It also clarified specific procedures for preventing bribery and corruption in business activities. We are following up with comprehensive compliance with this policy and guidelines and taking steps for the prevention of bribery and corruption.