Vision of the Furukawa Company Group

With 'power' and 'passion,' we will strive to achieve the targets of the vision in order to meet the expectations of all stakeholders and secure their renewed trust.

Management Philosophy of the Furukawa Company Group

The Furukawa Company Group will remain indispensable to society by always embracing a spirit of challenge, advancing the technologies that have underpinned the foundation of society that originated in mining development.

Action Guidelines of the Furukawa Company Group

In order to live up to our Management Philosophy, we put our Action Guidelines of Innovation, Creativity and Harmony into practice, while always bearing in mind the three key words, Luck, Stolidity and Perseverance* that best represents the spirit of our founder.

Innovation: We will work constantly at self-innovation by embracing a future-oriented mindset.
Creativity: We will seek to create reliable, appealing products that meet market needs.
Harmony: We will improve management transparency and contribute to the development of a society that is in harmony with the environment.

  • * Luck=運Un, Stolidity=鈍Don, Perseverance=根Kon
    This means that, while humans may place highest importance on "luck," getting important things done requires "stolidity" and "perseverance".

Vision for 2025: "FURUKAWA Power & Passion 150"

"Become a corporate group that leverages its reputation for category leadership and uniqueness to deliver growth."
- Targeting consolidated annual operating income regularly in excess of ¥15 billion as we approach our 150th anniversary in fiscal 2025. -

Policies for Achieving Vision for 2025

  1. 1Increase the value of the Furukawa brand through "marketing-based management" that incorporates CSV* perspectives

    We will incorporate marketing into the core of management to provide products and services recognized as valuable in changing markets, as well as to resolve issues and problems faced by customers, with the aims of increasing corporate value and achieving sustained growth. We will also strive to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and otherwise resolve various social issues, including such domestic issues as building national resilience and the declining working-age population, and thus help realize a sustainable society.

    1. 1Reinforce technological sales capabilities (proposals and solutions) reflecting customer needs
    2. 2Develop products, technologies, and services that meet market needs
    3. 3Achieve category-leading positions by concentrating on niche products that have competitive advantages and using differentiation strategy
    4. 4Cultivate and create new markets and product categories; build a new business model
    5. 5Enhance our products, technologies, and services, which underpin our social infrastructure, to help resolve social issues
    • *CSV: Creating shared value (CSV) is a management framework that enables companies to co-create social value and corporate value by tackling social, environmental, and other issues.
  2. 2Sustainably expand the Machinery Business
    1. 1Reinforce revenue bases in growing overseas markets mainly in business related to infrastructure and resource development
    2. 2Strengthen and enhance stock business
    3. 3Maximize business opportunities by demonstrating comprehensive Group competences and reinforcing engineering strengths
  3. 3Strengthen and expand our human resource bases
    1. 1Build vibrant human resources and corporate culture for a new Furukawa
    2. 2Secure, utilize, and develop diverse human resources in Japan and overseas
    3. 3Put even more effort into training sales and marketing personnel
  4. 4Actively promote investments to increase corporate value
    1. 1Make proactive capital investments necessary for growth
    2. 2Expand business through strategic M&A and alliances
  5. 5Establish a robust corporate foundation
    1. 1Increase corporate value by improving profitability and capital efficiency, targeting ROE of more than 10%
    2. 2Establish a strong financial base
    3. 3Achieve balanced appropriations between investments for growth and return to shareholders
    4. 4Increase corporate value by emphasizing business practices that reflect CSR/ESG issues recognized and to be solved by the Group
FURUKAWA Power & Passion 150

The "Power & Passion" symbol expresses the "power and speed" and the "passion and enthusiasm" aspects of our business approach. The perfect red circle conveys the connections and bonds we have with customers, and "150" represents the 150th anniversary of our founding in 2025, which is the year for achieving our vision.

The Furukawa Company Group's Value Creation Process

Management Philosophy of the Furukawa Company Group