Basic Principle

The Furukawa Company Group has established Environmental Conservation Activity Policies, and Biodiversity Action Guidelines, according to its Basic Environmental Management Principle.

Basic Environmental Management Principle

Furukawa Co., Ltd. positions the conservation of the global environment as one of the essential management issues and its basic principle stipulates that all officers and employees shall act in harmony with the environment while keeping the improvement of the environment in mind and shall contribute to develop a sustainable society going forward, in all areas of corporate activities.
(Established on December 27th, 2002)

Environmental Conservation Activity Policies

1. Compliance with environmental conservation-related laws and regulations

We shall comply with laws and regulations related to environmental conservation and health / safety matters and conduct environmental conservation activities aiming at achieving levels higher than those stipulated in these laws and regulations, and act based on "Sustainable Development" in every aspect of our business activities.

2. Environmentally-friendly production activities

In a broad range of domains from planning, development, designing, production, sales, use, recycling to disposal, we make efforts to reduce waste and save energy, promote environmentally-friendly and safety-conscious production activities, and make contributions to the formation of a recycling-oriented society. Furthermore, we set policies, objectives and goals and act based on the environmental management system.

3. Ensuring of operational safety and management of employees' safety, hygiene and health

We shall make sure that employees can always work safely by ensuring safety during operation and improving work environments. Also, we shall ensure hygienic work environments, and maintain and improve employees' good standard of health.

4. Fulfillment of educational activities

Through environmental education, we shall raise all employees' awareness about the environment, and enlighten them so that each employee thinks about society and responsibly conducts environmental conservation activities.

5. Community-based business activities

We shall have a close cooperation with society and conduct business activities with people's living environment in mind. We shall exist together with the community and widely contribute to society.
(Established on December 27, 2002)

Biodiversity Action Guidelines

1. Understanding and reducing our effect on biodiversity

We will work to understand the effect of our business activities on biodiversity and to minimize it.

2. Raising awareness and deepening understanding

We will raise the awareness of all employees with regard to biodiversity and deepen their understanding of it.

3. Conserving biodiversity

We will promote development, manufacture, and supply of eco-friendly products, and work to conserve biodiversity in cooperation with businesses at each stage of the supply chain.

4. Information gathering and communication

We will promote initiatives for biodiversity in collaboration with our various stakeholders through information gathering and communication.
(Established on September 24, 2012)