About the Furukawa Group

The Furukawa Group forms a voluntary organization called the Furukawa Group Executive Council consisting of 10 executive companies and member companies in order to achieve close cooperation between Group companies, and enhance and promote corporate activities of each company.
The history of the Furukawa Group dates back to 1875 when the Japanese Mine King, ichibei Furukawa began the Kusakura Copper Mine operation in Niigata and 1877 when he commenced copper mine business based in the Ashio Copper Mine under the philosophy of "Hard work in business always pays off". The organization was changed to Furukawa & Co. (current Furukawa Co., Ltd.), and since then, we have worked towards modernization of the businesses and development of the company in multiple directions, and have built the foundation for the prosperity of the Furukawa Group today.
The companies in the Group are playing important roles in various industries including metals, machinery, cables, rubber, chemicals, electronic machinery, communication equipment, light metals, electronics, exercising the individual characteristics of each company.

Furukawa Sansui Meeting executive companies