Community Relations

The Furukawa Company Group coexists with the local communities and carries out activities that are closely related to those local communities, such as voluntary local cleaning and social studies tours for children and students.
We also operate and manage the "Furukawa Kakemizu Club" and the "Furukawa Ashio Historical Museum" in Ashio Town, Nikko City.

"Furukawa Kakemizu Club"
The "Furukawa Kakemizu Club" is a guesthouse that was used to entertain guests and to provide accommodation during the period of prosperity at the Ashio Copper Mine.
It was renovated in the early Taisho period. It is a two-story structure with a Western style on the outside and Japanese and Western style on the inside. It is said to have been influenced by Josiah Conder, who designed Rokumeikan and the Furukawa Garden.
The building is equipped with facilities to entertain guests, such as a billiards room with a billiard table that is said to be the oldest one made in Japan, and a Japanese-style room.
The Club was registered as a national Registered Tangible Cultural Property in 2006.
"Furukawa Ashio Museum of History"
The museum exhibits many interesting items that symbolize the dawn of Japanese modern history, including dioramas of the former Ashio mining station, photographs and bronze statues of the Furukawa founder's family, and items related to the Sekizuka family (who were active in French cuisine), who interacted with the Furukawa family socially. There are also photographs and items related to Masayuki Odagawa, who was a pioneer of Japan's safety-first movement.

Designated as Heritage of Industrial Modernization

From the perspective of further promoting the preservation and activities of industrial modernization heritage, in November 2007, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry designated individual industrial modernization heritage sites making up 33 modernized industrial heritage site groups nationwide as assets useful for regional revitalization, and awarded certificates and plaques to their owners.
Among the heritage sites certified, Furukawa Co., Ltd. received certification for the Ashio copper mine related heritage (Tochigi Prefecture), Yoshima coal mine related heritage (Fukushima Prefecture), and Chikuho coal field Kitakyushu related heritage (Fukuoka Prefecture).
Our company is also committed to the preservation of the industrial modernization heritage that was certified, as well as to further revitalizing the local communities.

Furukawa Kakemizu Club - Registered Tangible Cultural Property (buildings)
National designated historic site - Tsudo tunnel
National designated historic site - Utsuno explosives warehouse