We provide high-quality chemical products such as sulfuric acid, which is a base material.

  • We provide sulfuric acid and its derivative products, which are indispensable base materials for each industry.
  • We provide copper oxide for ship bottom coating and copper plating.

Cuprous oxide

Japanese Market Share 45%

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Cuprous oxide

Cuprous oxide is a red powdered pigment used as an antifoulant for ship-bottom paints to prevent barnacle build-up. Our cuprous oxide products have a large share of the domestic market. Recently, it has been used in ship-bottom paints for low fuel consumption ships with the aim of preventing marine pollution and is highly praised as an environmentally-friendly product.

Cuprous oxide

Cupric oxide

This is a black powder that is used as a raw material for ferrite and also for ceramic coloring pigment, oxidation catalysts and others. We also have a lineup of products that support copper sulfate plating using an insoluble anode, which has been attracting attention in recent years.

Cupric oxide

Sulfuric Acid

Sulfuric acid is used as an indispensable basic material in each sector of the chemical industry. The Chemicals segment uses the sulfur roasting method to produce sulfuric acid with very little impurity and is the only company in the Kinki region that supplies sulfuric acid that can be used as a food additive.

Manufacturing plant of Sulfuric Acid


Furukawa Chemicals Co., Ltd.

We manufactures and distributes a diversity of products such as sulphuric acid, sulphuric acid derivatives and copper-related products.
Furukawa Company Group's chemical business history dates back to when we began producing sulphuric acid in 1935. Sulphuric acid is always in great demand as a basic material essential in various industries such as chemicals, electronic parts, steel and food-processing. Since we took over the smelting business of Toa Chemical Smelting Co., Ltd. (now Tohpe Corporation) in 1944 and re-launched it as Osaka Cementation and Refining, we have steadily expanded this business.
In 2005, the chemicals business of Furukawa Co., Ltd. was spun off and Furukawa Chemicals Co., Ltd. was established.
Currently the company not only manufactures sulphuric acid, but also manufactures and distributes a line-up of sulphuric acid derivatives including polymeric ferric sulphate solution used to treat sewage and aluminium sulphate used to treat water for domestic use as an inorganic coagulant for water treatment. Furthermore, we manufacture and distribute all kinds of copper-related products such as cuprous oxide used as an ingredient in ship-bottom paints and cupric oxide used as an ingredient in copper plating.

Osaka Plant (Osaka Prefecture)


Chemicals products that support people's lives.

Electronic devices have become progressively smaller and more sophisticated in recent years, highlighting the need for high-precision copper plating processes to manufacture printed circuit boards (PCBs). Copper phosphorous anode balls are generally used for copper plating. In the manufacture of PCBs, however, a method using insoluble anodes has spread rapidly because it offers superior plating accuracy and ease of maintenance. This method, which uses cupric oxide to replenish copper in the plating solution, is essential for manufacturing PCBs.

FCO-M6 cupric oxide powder: Essential for manufacturing PCBs

FCO-M6 cupric oxide powder, a product of the Chemicals segment, is characterized by its porous nature and large surface area, as well as high solubility (ease of dissolution) and fluidity (resistance to lumping) in the plating solution. With an excellent reputation in the market, it is used in the treatment of high-value-added PCBs, especially high-precision package substrates used in PCs and servers. As electronic technologies find applications in more fields, including electric vehicles, we expect demand for package substrates to grow. With this in mind, we are looking to further increase production of FCO-M6.

Although the products of the Chemicals segment are not often directly visible to us, they play an active role in supporting our affluent lifestyles.

Food additive grade ferrous sulfate is used by food manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies as an iron additive in supplements and as a coloring agent for pickles. The Chemicals segment manufactures safe products as food additives by using equipment and sanitation management based on the Food Sanitation Act. If you see "Ferrous sulfate" listed in the ingredients label of foods around you, then it could be that a product of the Chemicals segment has been used.

Ferrous sulfate

Inquiries about Chemicals

Inquiries about Chemicals

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