Forward-Looking Statements

This website contains information about the Furukawa Company Group's future prospects. Such information, which is based on information (predictions, anticipation, assumption, plan, recognition, evaluation, etc.) currently available to our group that our group deems to be reasonable at the time this website was prepared. Actual business environment and business activities were affected by various potential risks, uncertainty factors. Therefore, forecasts regarding future performance or contents was suggested by it may differ significantly from the forecasts.
The potential risks or uncertainty factors will affect to future prospects is not limited to that is described in business risks, etc. in the summary of financial results or website of Furukawa Co., Ltd..
Therefore, It does not commitment or guarantee the achievement of management indicators and forecasts as milestones and future performance.
In addition, regardless of the actual results, we don't have obligation to update the contents in this website from time to time, and also we don't have its policy after the time of publication.
The purpose of this website is to understand our business policy, management information etc. and is not intended to solicit investment in securities issued by Furukawa Co., Ltd.
Based on the above points, please make the final decision on investment is judged by your own risk.
Please use this website at the user's responsibility. Even if you suffer damage due to use this website which have the error and defects in the information, change in management indicators and forecast figures etc., we are not responsible at all.