Employee Relations

Cultivating Human Resources

Premised on its fundamental policy of “what supports limitless development of a company is people,” the Furukawa Company Group cultivates talented individuals who will actively take on all challenges, while striving to recognize the diverse values of individuals and accordingly creating a rewarding corporate culture absent of human rights violations and discrimination, where individuals are evaluated fairly.

Human Resources Development

The Group is aiming to optimize its business framework and heighten its corporate value by developing professional human resources through human resource cultivation systems of all kinds and by building a workplace environment where they can exercise their capabilities to the fullest.

Employment Grade-specific Training

Based on the system of assigning grades by function that is used in the Group, the Company assign the role to the employees, then grades are set according to the magnitude of the role the employee is expected to fulfill. The Group's employment grade-specific training helps employees develop the ability to address societal changes while acquiring the basic knowledge necessary for their respective roles.
The training program for newly hired employees incorporates training pertaining to the Ashio Copper Mine's history, antipollution measures, the present status of safety management, and afforestation initiatives.

Training Tailored to Areas of Expertise and Occupations

The Group implements training tailored to employees' areas of expertise and job performance, thereby enabling them to gain extensive knowledge and acquire specialized skills in their respective fields. Meanwhile, the Group actively encourages its employees to participate in external seminars on specialized subjects, and to gain public qualifications. The Group also endeavors to develop professional talent equipped with extensive knowledge of cutting-edge technologies and social trends by supporting their involvement in educational organizations and academic societies outside of the workplace.

List of Education and Training Activities

Personnel Evaluation System

Based on the system of assigning grades by function that is used in the Group, grades are set according to the magnitude of the role the employee is expected to fulfill. By assessing personnel results and behavioral characteristics in accordance with the personnel evaluation system, we are endeavoring to provide employee guidance and cultivation, develop their capabilities, and optimize their assignments. At the same time, this serves to provide fair and equitable treatment in terms of wages, bonuses, retirement benefits, and so on, and in establishing an environment wherein motivated employees can participate proactively with a sense of security.

Communication to Facilitate Training of Subordinates

Interviews are conducted between immediate supervisors and their subordinates on a twice-yearly basis, in addition to the daily communication that takes place between managers and their employees. In the interviews, managers provide feedback to employees regarding their work, achievements, points for reflection, and findings of performance evaluations, as well as advice based on their self-reports, and confirm and share the goals they have set.
Meanwhile, supervisors also provide their assessments with respect to the self-analysis. The process of undergoing straightforward performance assessments by their supervisors enables employees to scrutinize themselves on a regular basis, thereby helps fuel their motivation for proactive career development.

Realizing Rewarding Workplace

Diversity and Inclusion

The Furukawa Company Group does not engage in any discrimination regarding human rights, beliefs, gender, disabilities, and so on in employment, and we endeavor to provide equal opportunities for all. Because Group businesses extend into a variety of fields, we are taking measures to stabilize our employment by formulating staffing and personnel plans with a clear view to business expansion and productivity increases, including in Group companies.

Empowering the Female Workforce

The Company is continuing to actively hire and involve women. We created the Action Plan for Promoting Support for Female Employees on April 1, 2016, and we are gradually upgrading various systems that are designed to support active participation by women. We are also upgrading systems for the support of employees raising children by classifying a portion of childcare leave as paid leave.

Support for Employees Raising Children

As part of measures to support rearing of the next generation, we have formulated and implemented a General Business Owner Action Plan. At the same time, we are promoting improvement of the workplace environment to make it easier for people to take part in childcare and home care.

Hiring People with Disabilities

The Group promotes hiring people with disabilities in various workplaces and for various types of work, thereby promoting their independence and participation in society.

Hiring Foreign Nationals

Given its active pursuit of overseas expansion, the Group does not base its recruiting decisions on nationality. Moreover, we strive to deepen partnerships that transcend nationality as we promote a spirit of mutual respect for individual differences.

Support for Company Representatives Stationed Overseas

Our employees who are stationed in regions with environments differing greatly from Japan's are more frequently subject to the risk of accidents, incidents, disasters, illnesses, and so on that are unique to those regions. They also face language problems, and their lack of familiarity with the local environments reduces their ability to deal with risks. The Group therefore makes every effort to mitigate their risks by such means as preparation of emergency response manuals, education of employees, and thoroughgoing implementation of crisis management frameworks and systems for confirming the safety and whereabouts of employees. Company representatives who are accompanied by family members at their overseas stations must also be concerned about the health of their families and the safety of their everyday life. At the Group, we have systems of all kinds to support the overseas life of accompanying family members as well by means of health examinations, assistance with educational and learning expenses, shipment of goods from Japan, and other such services.

Employment of Older Workers

The mandatory retirement age was raised from 60years to 65years on April 1, 2020, in order to stabilize the employment of elderly people and expand their opportunities for work. Going forward, we anticipate that these people, by passing on the technical knowhow they have acquired over many years, will proactively participate in cultivating mid-level and younger employees as well as in other ways.

Employee Health and Safety

Work-Life Balance

The Group is taking active measures to assure its employees' health in body and mind as well as to realize their work-life balance through its efforts to correct long working hours and ensure that working hours are appropriate. As part of its measures to support cultivation of the next generation, not only does the Group formulate and execute a general employer action plan, but it also promotes improvement of the workplace environment to make it easier for employees to take part in child rearing and nursing care.

Employee Health Management

In the Group's health management divisions, employee health is managed by periodic health checkups, special health examinations for employees with designated duties, and so on. They also provide health guidance based on health checkup results and give support for promoting employee health. We are also taking steps to arrange separate in-house smoking areas based on the intent of the Health Promotion Act, and we are making every effort to prevent second-hand smoking.

Mental Healthcare

In addition to health guidance based on the results of periodic health checkups and other such care, the Group is cooperating with industrial physicians, personnel and labor affairs representatives, and employee supervisors, and also coordinating with specialized institutions and medical specialists outside the Group, to continue its assistance for mental health care and support for employees returning to the workplace. The Group has also created a Furukawa Company Group Mental Health Promotion Plan and sets concrete targets for becoming a corporation that maintains mental health while providing a safe and pleasant place to work. To this end we are continuing initiatives in each part of the Four Areas of Care.

Furukawa Company Group Provides Four Areas of Care
Self-care. Promote earlier recognition of stress by performance of self-check and provide guidance on self-care through training.
Line care. Organizational diagnostics provide screening for high workplace stress, implement improvements to workplace environment, and conduct line-care training for managers.
Care by industrial health staff and others in the Group. Industrial physicians provide individual consultation and referral to outside specialists.
Care by resources outside the Group. Toll-free telephone consultation.

Occupational Safety and Health

The Group is implementing measures on the basis of the Basic Principles of Occupational Safety and Health and the Occupational Safety and Health Policies to prevent industrial accidents and to create a safe and healthy workplace environment.
The Sustainability Promotion Meeting (chaired by the President & Representative Director), which is held annually, and the Environmental & Safety Management Committee (chaired by the General Manager, Environmental & Safety Management Department) hear reports and engage in deliberation on the results of the previous fiscal year's occupational safety and health activities, this fiscal year's Occupational Safety and Health Activity Targets, and other such matters.

Safety Guidance at Overseas Business Locations

We check and provide guidance to overseas business locations of the Furukawa Company Group on various matters. These include the status of regular statutory inspections of facilities, acquisition of official qualifications required for operations, maintenance of work instruc- tions and manuals, results of work environment measurements, implementation of safety education, emergency communication systems, and operation of the Safety and Health Committee. In addition to compliance with local laws and regulations, we provide guidance and advice on how to improve the work environment and management standards so that employees can work safely and comfortably, taking into account local climate and customs.
In the event of an accident or disaster, we take corrective and preventive measures after rigorous discussions with the person in charge of the site regarding the cause of the accident or disaster and measures to prevent recurrence. The following offices have acquired ISO 45001 certification, the international standard for occupational health and safety management systems, and are promoting health and safety activities.

ISO 45001 Certification Acquisition Status

Company Name Acquisition Date Certification Organization
Taian Furukawa UNIC Crane Co., Ltd. April 29, 2021 China United Certification Center (Beijing) Co., Ltd.
FURUKAWA UNIC (THAILAND) CO.,LTD. January 25, 2023 Perry Johnson Registrars, Inc.