Corporate Governance

The basic policy of the Furukawa Company Group is to contribute to society and our stakeholders by building an efficient management structure that will yield stable profits and increased corporate value through greater management transparency and continuous innovation in our corporate structure. Under this policy, we spun off six businesses and shifted to a new group management structure in March 2005.
Our corporate governance system employs an executive officer system to separate the supervisory functions from operating functions for quicker decision-making and defined responsibilities. The Board of Directors supervises the operation of the whole Furukawa Company Group.

The Management Council sets the Furukawa Company Group’s fundamental management policies and strategies and makes decisions on important matters. The Management Committee meets monthly to report and discuss the operations of the Group and to provide directions.

Also, the Group adopts an auditor system with a Board of Auditors consisting of five auditors, three of which are from external sources. Pursuant to the audit policy determined by the Board of Auditors the auditors attend meetings of the Board of Directors, the Management Council and the Management Committee and other important meetings. Furthermore, they receive business reports from directors and other managers, investigate branches and subsidiaries, and audit duty performances by directors.

Corporate Governance Structure

Corporate Governance Structure