UNIC Machinery

"UNIC" has become a synonym for vehicle-mounted cranes and supports greater efficiency and labor-saving in logistics with its superior functionality, operability and safety.

  • Demand in Japan accounts for about 80% of sales.
  • Both the truck-mounted cranes and UNIC Carriers take a 50% share of the domestic market.
  • We also make the hydraulic equipment such as the key components of the cylinders and valves in-house to our own original design.

UNIC cranes
(Truck-mounted UNIC Cranes)

 Japanese Market Share 50%

UNIC Carriers

 Japanese Market Share 50%

Mini-crawler cranes

Japanese Market Share 40%

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UNIC cranes

We have a wide range of UNIC Crane models, synonymous with truck-mounted cranes, from small to large truck-mounted cranes and various boom lengths and crane capacities which correspond to customer needs.
Furthermore, in addition to the basic functions of hoisting, loading and transporting, we are launching new models with advanced features, such as environmentally-friendly, energy-saving models, safety models and LCD radio-controlled models that can achieve complex connecting operation.

UNIC Cranes

LCD radio control devices

Mini-crawler cranes

The mini crawler crane shows its power in construction sites, rough ground or indoor worksites where trucks cannot enter with its compact body and crawling function. We offer cranes that can undertake a diverse range of work from a compact model (Maximum Lifting Capacity 995kg) that can be laid down on the back of a small truck, to a model with the world's largest Maximum Lifting Capacity of 10t, as well as models fitted with safety functions such as turn-over prevention and overloading alarm mechanisms.

Mini-crawler cranes

Mini-crawler crane in operation

UNIC Carriers

The UNIC Carriers are car carriers offering the leading performance and credibility in the industry. With diverse loading platform angles, strong mechanism and superior operability, a wide range of models are available including crane-mounted models to meet various applications.

UNIC Carriers

Car Carriers (with a crane)

UNIC Machinery

Furukawa UNIC Corporation

We manufactures and distributes truck-mounted cranes called UNIC cranes. The UNIC crane has revolutionized the efficiency of the cargo-handling process from hoisting, loading and transporting to set construction; mounted on trucks or on ships. Our products hold the largest share (almost 50%) of the domestic market and the nickname "UNIC" is so well-known that it is a synonym for truck-mounted cranes in Japan.
The predecessor of Furukawa UNIC Corporation, Kyoei Kaihatsu Co., Ltd. developed Japan's first truck-mounted crane in 1961. The nickname "UNIC" was given then, representing their hopes that it would become a "universal crane" for all the people in the world and the image of the legendary, strong "unicorn" which resembles the shape of a UNIC.
In 1987, the company became part of the Furukawa Company Group. In 2005, the Sakura Works, formerly a UNIC production works for Furukawa Co., Ltd., was merged to become the present-day Furukawa UNIC Corporation.
In the future, we aim to secure stable revenue in Japan and to increase revenue overseas by reinforcing competitive strength through differentiation such as higher functionality and higher-added value for UNIC cranes as well as re-organizing overseas vendor networks and reinforcing distribution capacity.

Sakura Works (Chiba Prefecture)
Sakura Works Office Building (Chiba Prefecture)

Affiliated companies


Established in 1997. Headquarters in Rayong, Thailand, specializing in the manufacture and distribution of truck-mounted cranes and other products.


Established in 2009. Headquarters in Taian City, Shandong, China, absorption merger of Taian Furukawa Machinery Co., Ltd. Specializing in the distribution of truck-mounted cranes.


Established in 2012. Headquarters in Moscow, Russia, specializing in the distribution of truck-mounted cranes and other products.

Distributing Companies

Domestic distribution of UNIC products is carried out by 10 distribution companies as well as direct sales branches including the Sales Division, the Sapporo Sales Office and the Kita-Shin-Etsu and Kansai Branches in order to provide speedy and high-quality service to customers.

  • UNIC Kita Tohoku Sales Co. Ltd
  • UNIC Tohoku Sales Co. Ltd
  • UNIC Kanto Sales Co. Ltd
  • UNIC Shizuoka Sales Co. Ltd
  • UNIC Chubu Sales Co. Ltd
  • UNIC Gifu Sales Co. Ltd
  • UNIC Hyogo Sales Co. Ltd
  • UNIC Chugoku/Shikoku Sales Co. Ltd
  • UNIC Hiroshima Sales Co. Ltd
  • UNIC Kyushu Sales Co. Ltd


UNIC products designed to maximize operability and safety.

In the construction and civil engineering field, there is a serious shortage of workers and the number of skilled crane operators is decreasing. In this situation, it is necessary for anyone to be able to operate a crane safely and with peace of mind. One of the strengths of the "G-FORCE" UNIC cranes (Truck-mounted UNIC Cranes) designed to address this issue is "the improvement of safety". We were ahead of the industry by equipping all models with digital load gauges as standard, to realize the accurate "visualization" of the lifted loads at all times. It is possible for anyone to easily and safely grasp the range of the work and to prevent crane breakage and overturning accidents due to overloading.
We have also introduced the ML alarm type and the ML stop type as two types of equipment that respond to the partial revision of the mobile cranes structural standards by giving notification of an overload condition with an alarm sound and by automatically stopping the operation of the crane.
We also equip machinery with a variety of safety devices such as a fully automatic stowage system to improve the efficiency of crane stowage operations, a height restriction system to prevent contact accidents between the boom and overhead wires, etc., and an automatic deceleration system to prevent load swinging.

UNIC Cranes
ML alarm type: Models with two-stage alarms, as a preliminary warning and a limit warning
ML stop type: Models with two-stage alarms as a preliminary warning and a limit warning, and the automatic stopping of the crane

The Shard, the tallest skyscraper in Europe (310 meters high), built on the Thames River in London.The leading Italian architect Renzo Piano designed the completely glass-covered 95-story tower in the image of the masts of ships during the Age of Exploration.
The 440 sheets of glass in the upper part of the building were actually fitted from the outside of the building by a mini crawler crane, which is known affectionately overseas as a "spider crane".
The exterior sheets of glass on The Shard are each fitted at subtly different angles so that the appearance changes with the movement of the sun during a day and with the seasons. There are 11,000 sheets in total. Of those 11,000 sheets, problems with the internal space meant that the 440 pieces on the upper floors had to be lifted from the temporary storage space on the 87th to 62nd floors and fitted from the outside. The contractors conducting the work and their products were subject to strict conditions, such as "strict adherence to the construction schedule set just before the London Olympics", "securing adequate performance, carrying into limited space, and safety" and "adequate experience and performance in strong winds and severely cold conditions", but the performance of our mini crawler crane was evaluated and it was successfully adopted.

Mini crawler crane performing work on the upper part.
Exterior wall construction conducted inside the construction site building (radio control operation).

Inquiries about UNIC Machinery

Inquiries about UNIC Machinery

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