Trade name
Furukawa C&F Co.,Ltd.
Date of Establishment
October 3, 2022
Head Office
6-4, Otemachi 2-chome, Chiyoda-ku,Tokyo, 100-8370, Japan
Ashio Plant
3-5 Ashiomachi Shimomato, Nikko-shi, Tochigi,321-1506, Japan
Phone :
Procurement Department & Quality Assurance Section +81 288-93-3512
Sales Department & Production Department+81 288-93-3513
Administration Office +81 288-93-3511
Facsimile : +81 288-93-3387
Paid-in Capital
President & Representative Director Ken Kobayashi
Director Tadahiro Higuchi
Director Naoki Ikeda
Director Tatsuki Nazuka
Audit & Supervisory Board Member Hiroyuki Sakai
Number of Employees
Production and sale of casting products, production and sale of crushing equipment, pulverizing equipment, and parts thereof.
Wear-resistant casting products: high-manganese cast steel, high-chromium cast iron, composite-casting Xwin products, low-alloy cast steel
Heat-resistant casting products: high-chromium cast steel, high-chromium nickel steel, aluminum-corrosion-resistant molten material (Tokenité)
The company was established on October 3, 2022 as the result of an incorporation-type demerger of Furukawa Castec Co., Ltd., taking over the casting business of the Furukawa Company Group. Now we will play a role in supplying casting products and parts to machinery manufacturers, in QCD management, and in developing differentiated casting materials that contribute to the machinery products business.
Our casting business began with the in-house production of raw materials for product development by the Machinery Division, which was first established as a repair shop at the Ashio Copper Mine. We have spent about a century ceaselessly cultivating these Furukawa specialty casting products, which are still used today and enjoy a good reputation across a wide range of fields including ironmaking, crushers, and pulverizers. We have also developed a special steel called Tokenité with low elution of iron into molten aluminum. Since 2012, we have been selling Tokenité parts to automakers to address problems caused by the early corrosion of consumable parts used in aluminum casting parts production facilities. We are working to improve these products continually as we gradually build our track record.
As a Japanese manufacturer specializing in heat-resistant and wear-resistant castings, we will continue to propose products that meet the diversifying needs of our customers and we will deliver them in a quality, economic, and fast manner.