Development Structure

A research and development structure that creates new value by enhancing the Group’s function as a leader in technology.

The Technology Division comprises four units—the Technological Strategy Department, the Advanced Technology Department, the Material Research & Development Department, and the Intellectual Property Department—all of which work together to promote development while maintaining cooperation with the entire Group.

Organizational Structure Chart


Research and Development Structure

Technological Strategy Department

We coordinate overall R & D activities and play a role in proposing the development of next-generation products and new materials in line with the demands of the time while being aware of social trends and market needs, such as planning new product development based on marketing. Furthermore, we also plan educational programs for the human resource development of engineers involved in research and development.

Advanced Technology Department

In an effort to enhance the added value and functions of products of our core operating companies in the Machinery segment, we are promoting the development of distinct intelligence technology (AI technology) that leverages the latest sensor technology for data gathering and processing, controls, telecommunications, and more. We develop these systems to provide our machine products with the capacity to automate, save labor, and optimize operations. This system development also leads to improved after-sales services that leverage the various data. We are also promoting development that flexibly combines the organizations of projects dedicated to various aims, including expansion aiming to develop marine resources and recycling technology for mining development—the origin of our Group and the foundational technology of our machines.

Material Research & Development Department

We work with our core operating companies in the Materials segment to select themes of material development and promote development based on clear strategies. We are also taking steps to develop metal materials that contribute to enhancing the added value of products of our core operating companies in the Machinery segment.

Quality Assurance Management Department

We promote centrally managing important information related to quality assurance of the entire group’s products and enhance the company-wide quality assurance system. Furthermore, we are also in charge of human resources education activities, such as basics quality education of contents common to both mechanical and material systems, for all employees to carry out their duties with the constant awareness of quality assurance.

Intellectual Property Department

This department manages the intellectual property resulting from our research and development, contributing to the cultivation of Furukawa technology and also engaging in patent licensing to benefit society.