Intellectual Property

This department manages the intellectual property resulting from our research and development, contributing to the cultivation of Furukawa technology and also providing licenses for our technology to benefit society.

Here, we introduce activities involving the Group’s intellectual property.

Basic Policy

The basic aim is to establish intellectual property rights for the technology of each Group company, and we are always looking to acquire broader, more powerful rights. As for the intellectual property we own, we not only use it at each Group company, but are also listed on the Licensable Patents Information Database and provide many licenses and make other efforts to promote the effective use of our rights by others.

Organizational Structure

The Intellectual Property Department is part of our Technology Division. In addition, each site including core operating companies has a person in charge of patent administration who manages the segment’s intellectual property and maintains close communication with the Intellectual Property Department, thus connecting each individual company in promoting the Group’s intellectual property activities.

Specific Activities

As the strongest of the four industrial property rights, patents are the basis of our efforts to establish industrial property rights. Nonetheless, we also utilize the systems for registering designs and trademarks in our comprehensive efforts to establish these rights.

■Inventor Remuneration Rules
Remuneration for inventors includes application remuneration paid when applications are filed, registration remuneration paid upon registration or when patents are awarded, and special performance remuneration paid for employee inventions acknowledged as effective. Although we have set no upper limit for the remuneration for performance, in an effort to improve the fairness and transparency of our system, we have established a conciliation committee to handle any written objections that are filed.