Possibilities of the Furukawa Company Group Meeting diverse needs with the spirit of ‘Facing the New by Learning from the Past’

Through over 140 years since our foundation in 1875, we have always strived to be a vanguard of society by contributing to the prosperity of an ever-changing society.
Now we are in the 21st century and we have separated and incorporated our businesses in order to meet increasingly diversified needs, we aim to become the best company that we can possibly be, through self-formation, and by going back to our roots.

From the Past towards the Future

The root of the Furukawa Company Group lies in the operation of copper mines. The technologies and products developed at copper mines such as rock drills, pumps, water treatment technologies, grinding and crushing technologies and by-product collection technologies have been applied in a wide range of fields. Now our products have large market shares and are utilized for many purposes in our society.
And now, to the future with products and technologies advanced along with the economic growth. Grounded in its corporate philosophy ‘Innovation, Creativity and Harmony’, Furukawa endeavors to focus on full-fledged monozukuri activities and full- scale structural development, and maximize corporate value, with the sprit of ‘Facing the New by Learning from the Past.’

Strategic Overseas Business Development

The Furukawa Company Group is actively developing overseas business of machinery products which have large shares in global and domestic markets.
The construction and mining machinery (rock drill) business in particular is expected to see a stronger overseas demand. In Japan, construction of infrastructures has been completed but there are still many countries in the world where development of infrastructures such as roads, railways and dams and construction of buildings and houses are underway. In addition, due to high global demand for mineral resources, mine development is booming in countries with abundant natural resources, therefore it is expected that demands for our anchor product, rock drills, will significantly increase. In the fields of infrastructure construction and mine development, the Furukawa Company Group will further expand new markets, as well as those that we have already entered.
In regards to the UNIC machinery business, we will seriously develop the overseas business of UNIC cranes which have an overwhelmingly large share in the Japanese market and through our UNIC products we will offer improved logistics efficiency and labor-saving, to further increase market shares.

Research and Development to Build Prosperous Future

We are promoting research and development activities in order to create the future Furukawa Company Group and contribute to society.
For instance, we have been working on commercializing gallium substrates. They are the next-generation semiconductor material used in blue-violet laser diodes in blu-ray discs, and expected to be used in high-intensity white LEDs - an emerging, next-generation lighting, as well as in power devices for electric cars. Their demand is predicted to rapidly increase in the near future. We will make efforts to launch the gallium nitride business at an early stage and take the initiative in this field. Furthermore, we will continue to develop and commercialize LuAG (a type of advanced scintillator crystals) expected to be applied to breast cancer screening equipment and thermoelectric materials to convert wasted heat into electricity and other products.

Traditional Monozukuri Spirit

The current Furukawa Company Group’s main support comes from the insight of pioneers who introduced the latest equipment and devices in the late 1800s, as well as the inquiring minds of the engineers who, not content with conventional technologies, worked on the development of new technologies and products. It is no exaggeration to say that our diversified products utilized in many facets of society were produced from the monozukuri spirit which our engineers inherited through the generations. Tracing back the history of each product reveals that monozukuri spirit, which only a company with a history of over 140 years can have, is alive in them. And into the future, we will pass down our traditional monozukuri spirit to the next generations.

Monozukuri is a Japanese word consisting of “mono” which means “products,” and “zukuri” which means “process of making or creation.” However, the word means more than simply making something; it has overtones of excellence, skill, spirit, zest, and pride in the ability to make things very well. Monozukuri is not mindless repetition; it requires creative minds and is often related to craftsmanship, which can be learned through lengthy apprenticeships rather than the structured course curricula taught at traditional schools.