Chemicals We provide high-quality chemicals as well as focusing on new businesses to reduce environmental burdens.

We manufacture inorganic industrial chemicals such as sulfuric acid, liquid aluminum sulfate and polymeric ferric sulfate solution, paint materials such as cuprous oxide as well as functional materials such as basic copper carbonate.
Our production, distribution and technologies are incorporated to provide creative and attractive products and to meet our customers’ requests and needs.

Cuprate Products

Cuprate Products

We developed cuprous oxide suitable for organotin-free ship-bottom paints to prevent marine pollution.This new cuprous oxide is well received by many customers.

Sulfuric Acid And Its Related Products

Sulfuric Acid And Its Related Products

Sulfuric acid is indispensable basic material used in various industries such as chemical, electronic, steel and food processing. At our Osaka Plant, we manufacture high-purity sulfuric acid by roasting sulfur.

Water Treatment Products

Water Treatment Products

We have a number of brands available to treat water of any quality.

Operating Company

  • Furukawa Chemicals Co., Ltd.

Manufacturing/Development Sites

Osaka Plant of Furukawa Chemicals Co., Ltd

Osaka Plant of Furukawa Chemicals Co., Ltd.

Main Products

  • Cuprous oxide, cupric oxide, copper carbonate, iron sulfate heptahydrate

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