Research and Development Policies

Development of the cutting-edge technologies for the next-generation
The Furukawa Company Group has over 130 years of monozukuri* tradition. We have inherited this tradition and are working on further technological and product development using the keyword, “Full-Fledged Monozukuri and Full-Scale Structural Development,” in order to beat the competition with an overwhelming presence. Every employee of the Group shares in the same understanding - Our products must sell because of their superior quality, not due to fads or environmental changes. Based on this recognition we have a policy of developing core technologies by the Group companies. Although M&A is one option for expediting technological development, we believe that products must be self-developed as a rule. In order to play a role in achieving this policy, the Research and Development Department is working to develop new materials, mainly in the field of new functional materials, and is actively advancing research and development activities towards the development of next-generation machinery products and production technologies.

Monozukuri is a Japanese word consisting of “mono” which means “products,” and “zukuri” which means “process of making or creation.” However, the word means more than simply making something; it has overtones of excellence, skill, spirit, zest, and pride in the ability to make things very well. Monozukuri is not mindless repetition; it requires creative minds and is often related to craftsmanship, which can be learned through lengthy apprenticeships rather than the structured course curricula taught at traditional schools.

Major Efforts of Reseach and Development

Development of Materials

Gallium Nitride Substrates We are developing and providing gallium nitride substrates for optical devices and power devices.
Thermoelectric Materials We are promoting the development of thermoelectric materials that convert the waste heat into electricity.

Development of Control Systems

Communication control We are promoting the development for fundamental technologies required by our core business.