Research and Development Activities

Research and development to provide solutions for customers based on marketing-based management

The core of our research and development comprises the Advanced Technology Department and the Material Research & Development Department, both of which are part of the Technology Division. These two departments promote research and development while maintaining close cooperation with Group companies in all segments from materials to machines and equipment.

Basic Policy

We will enhance cooperation with each company in the Group in an effort to promote research and development that enables us to contribute to the development of society and to accurately ascertain market needs and our customers’ issues. Toward that end, we will constantly improve the comprehensive technical capacity of the Group by further advancing and broadening our technology in addition to driving rapid development through the promotion of open innovation, and enhancing development and production capacity through efforts such as proactively introducing IT.

Development Structure

The Technology Division comprises four units—the Technological Strategy Department, the Advanced Technology Department, the Material Research & Development Department, and the Intellectual Property Department—all of which work together to promote development while maintaining cooperation with the entire Group.

Intellectual Property

The Intellectual Property Department is at the center of our efforts to manage patents and other industrial property rights regarding the new products and materials of each company in the Group. The department also maintains an accurate understanding of research and development outputs and promotes the establishment of industrial property rights in an effort to maintain the competitiveness of our products and services.

Main Development Initiatives

Here, we introduce our main development initiatives.