Group’s Management Structure

Furukawa Co., Ltd. has been working to restructure the organization through the selection and concentration of the businesses, to improve and enhance its financial culture in order to meet diversifying customer demands and to win global competition. We have now come to adopt a new management structure. We have spun off businesses and taken a step forward as the Furukawa Company Group, headed by the principal operating arm, Furukawa Co., Ltd.

Furukawa Company Group's

Core Business


Industrial Machinery

Furukawa Industrial Machinery Systems Co., Ltd.

Manufacturing and distribution of general industrial machinery and construction work

Rock Drill Machinery

Furukawa Rock Drill Co., Ltd.

Manufacturing and distribution of civil engineering machinery

UNIC Machinery

Furukawa UNIC Corporation

Manufacturing and distribution of truck-mounted cranes



Furukawa Metals & Resources Co., Ltd.

Manufacturing and distribution of nonferrous metals

Electronic Materials

Furukawa Denshi Co., Ltd.

Manufacturing and distribution of electronic materials


Furukawa Chemicals Co., Ltd.

Manufacturing and distribution of chemicals

Other Business

Real Estate

Furukawa Co., Ltd.

Construction/sales, mediation/brokerage and other related services for office buildings and apartments



Distribution of new developed products and transportation services, etc.

R&D and Administrative Departments and others


R&D Department, Environmental & Safety Control Department, Administrative Department and others